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20 years promoting innovation, helping from startups to large corporations in the financing of R&D at a global level. Find our services for:


Our services for PROJECT START

Access to public financing has innumerable competitive advantages for the beneficiary entities that go beyond the financing of the project itself. A greater scope of the project or a reduction in its execution times are some inherent advantages of financing. However, there are other aspects to consider, such as collaboration with other entities, which can contribute to increase the scope of the project. A relationship can be established between entities that goes beyond its results, or greater visibility towards the market, positioning the entity as a benchmark in its sector or technological field.

From FI Group we manage investment tools through the so-called “tax lease” or “tax equity”, focused on R&D projects. In these private investment models, the participation of investors in R&D activities is carried out through a financial participation in an Economic Interest Group (AIE). The investors constitute the IEA, in which the developer company provides the necessary knowledge to carry out the R&D project, as well as part of the necessary financing.

At FI Group we carry out trainings and workshops related to the field of innovation. These have different formats and contents adapted to the theme and need of each situation. Since 2018 we have 2 editions and we have accelerated 5 startups in each edition.


Our services for PROJECT EXECUTION

The Tax Deductions for R&D are intended to reward the effort made by companies in the development of innovative activities. It can be applied by any taxpayer (except foundations) of the Corporate Tax that carries out innovative activities, regardless of their size, invoicing and activity sector. Tax Deductions allow you to reduce the full amount of Corporation Tax by up to 100%, thus increasing your competitiveness and encouraging continuous improvement of your products and processes

It is an incentive that encourages the exclusive dedication of research staff to research and development activities and technological innovation through the 40% discount on business contributions of Social Security for common contingencies.


Our services for FINISHED PROJECT

The Patent Box incentive allows companies to reduce by up to 60% the Tax Base of the income from the assignment or transfer of patents and / or certain intangibles (industrial designs, utility models, know-how) that both SMEs and large companies explode.


We are international

We have 42 offices across 14 countries and 3 continents. We believe in proximity to our clients and in providing you with support when you need it, in Spain and beyond.

  • Belgium

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • Chile

  • Colombia

  • France

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Morocco

  • Portugal

  • Singapore

  • Spain

  • UK

  • USA


Present in Belgium since 2010.

Our team is specialized in:

  • Bonus for research staff
  • R&D Tax Relief
  • Patent Box (Innobox)


Present in Brazil since 2011.

Our team advises companies in:

  • Management of Tax Incentives (Lei do Bem, Lei de Informática or Rota 2030)
  • Financing of R&D opportunities (Grants, Funds and Loans)



Present in Canada since 2010.

Our team is specialized in R&D and Innovation support programs.

  • Scientific research and tax credit for experimental development
  • Provincial tax credits
  • Tax credit for the development of electronic commerce (Quebec)
  • Design tax credit (fashion or industrial)
  • Tax credit for multimedia production (Quebec)
  • Support for innovation and subsidies


Present in Chile since 2012.

We provide our customers with tools aimed at strengthening the competitiveness and productivity of businesses through R&D. Our team is specialized in the management of:

Tax incentives for R&D
Global management of public subsidiaries
Innovation management


Present in Colombia since 2018.

FI Group Colombia focuses its work on management tax advantages in science, technology and innovation, coordinated by COLCIENCIAS, which offers  Colombian Income Tax payers companies to recover between 25% and 50% of the investment made in R&D.


With its recognized expertise in tax engineering, FI Group :

  • provides R&D Tax Relief
  • determines Grants you can claim
  • identifies the projects eligible for the various R&D funding mechanisms helping you fill out your tax slip
  • It also assists you during Tax Administration checks.


We advise and guide our customers in the application for the Research Grant Certificate and for the Research Grant up to the performance of the latter.
Our International Experience in terms of research and development projects and funding makes us a strong partner for innovative and researching companies, also in Germany.


Present in Italy since 2017.

With the goal of boosting our customers’ innovation, our is team specialized in:

  • R&D Tax Relief
  • R&D funding
  • Bonus for research staff
  • Patent Box
  • National and European Grants


Present in Japan since 2020.

Our team is specialized in R&D and Innovation support programs.

R&D Tax Credit schemes 研究開発税制 (volume-based, Open Innovation).


FI Group opens in Morocco to support its business in the global market.

Supported by the French team, the office in Casablanca will support local and corporate clients to invest in their R&D innovative projects through funding incentives.


Present in Portugal since 2006.

Our team is specialized in:

  • SIFIDE (R&D funding)
  • National and European Grants and subsidies for R&D activities



Business Start Date: 2020

Service: Research & Development Tax Credit

FI Group team advises Singaporean companies to claim a tax deduction of up to 250% for R&D expenses incurred inside in Singapore. For companies having incurred eligible R&D expenses abroad, a tax deduction of 100% can be claimed.

Both tax deductions represent a net saving of 42,5% on R&D expenses when incurred inside Singapore and a 17% net saving on eligible R&D expenses incurred outside the country.

Contact details: FI Group Singapore


FI Group was born in Spain in 2000.

Our team is a leader in the management of R&D Tax Relief and:

  • provides comprehensive advice on grants management National, European and International.
  • innovation management
  • has its own start up accelerator: FI Boost
  • optimizes customer costs
  • manages local taxes (i.e. IBI, IAE and business, among others)


Present in the UK since 2015.

FI Group’s UK office based in London, works with businesses at all stages of their growth to leverage additional funding for their innovation through the UK Government’s R&D Tax Incentive Schemes.

Our team works on:

  • R&D Tax Relief for SMEs and Large Companies
  • National and International R&D Grants
  • Patent Box


Present in USA since 2019.

Our team works on Research & Experimentation Tax Credit at federal and national level.

Satisfied customers

Hace años que confío en FI Group por varios motivos, destacando sobre todo la calidad humana y profesionalidad de las personas que forman parte del equipo. También porque cualquier proyecto que lideran, consiguen éxito del 100%. Es un valor seguro.

Sandra Hidalgo

Directora financiera - Digital Legends Entertainment
Wednesday, 8 January 2020

La agilidad, comunicación y esos recordatorios en los deadlines destacan la profesionalidad y la calidad de las personas que trabajan en FI Group, no hay mejor trato que el de aquellos que sienten como suyo lo tuyo.

Adrià Maceira Solé

Co-Fundador & CEO Renalyse
Friday, 15 February 2019

El servicio prestado por FI Group ha sido clave para definir y conseguir una estrategia para financiar nuestra innovación de manera exitosa.

Maite Agüeros

CEO en InnoUp Farma
Monday, 16 December 2019

Equipo y servicio extraordinario, no nos tenemos que preocupar por papeles, trámites o fechas, ellos se ocupan de todo, esto nos permite centrarnos en innovar y en hacer crecer nuestra empresa.

Manuel Rodríguez

CEO Nanoligent
Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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