FI Boost

FI Boost is FI Group’s corporate acceleration program. We accelerate startups in advanced stages for 5 months in order to bring them closer to FI Group clients, in this way we add value to both startups and our clients.

This project starts in 2018, we have held three editions, accelerating five startups in each one.

Accelerated startups in the 2018 edition:

Converfit, Muutech, SPT Barcelona, ​​Hubtype and Alda

Accelerated startups in the 2019 edition:

Fuvex, Daysk, Norlean, Vottun, Infra

Accelerated startups in the 2020 edition:

Botslovers, Erudit AI, Ironchip, Kiwanda Labs, The Predictive Company

What are we looking for in FI BOOST?

Startups with a team full of enthusiasm, energy and also:

  • Technological base
  • Product and first customer metrics
  • Companies incorporated in Spain
  • 100% dedicated team
  • Scalable B2B or B2B2C business models
  • Fit in the sectors: Banking, insurance, telecommunications, tourism, retail, energy, industry 4.0 and health.

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What are we looking for in FI BOOST?

Access to a network of more than 1,500 national and 11,000 international clients of FI Group.

Free management of an Enisa or similar file by expert consultants.

Tax incentives and public funding, innovation, sales, marketing, HR, accounting, etc.

Possibility of having an internal mentor to delve into those areas of interest to the startup.

Thanks to the extensive network of FI Group clients you will be able to validate the POC in interested companies.

We will bring investors to meet you and present your project to them.

Access to FI Group offices internationally to work on your project and hold meetings.

Creation of a great collaborative community for you to be an active part of the ecosystem.