FI Ready

FI Ready is our service specialized in the comprehensive management of public financing for startups that carry out Innovation and R&D.

We are specialists in grants for entrepreneurs, collaborative R&D aid, R&D tax deductions, social security bonuses for research staff, tax lease, among others.

From FI Group, we help companies in the search for all kinds of public grants for their R&D projects, adapted to the particular situation of each company or entrepreneur.

To leverage private financing to the maximum, companies can opt for public aid consisting of grants, loans, tax deductions, Social Security bonuses, etc. In addition, we work at all levels: regional, state or European aid, as well as tax incentives.

Likewise, our knowledge of the entrepreneurial environment allows us to prepare market studies from an advantageous position and perspective.

Support the growth of startups

Our commitment is to be always adapted to the flow of grants collection in order to avoid any type of cash tension in the companies we help.

If you want to explore with us your financing opportunities for your startup, get in touch!

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