Financing innovation

Access to public financing has innumerable competitive advantages for the beneficiary entities that go beyond the financing of the project itself. A greater scope of the project or a reduction in its execution times are some inherent advantages of financing, however, there are other aspects to consider.

Public funding facilitates collaboration with other entities, which promote the scope of the project and with which to establish lasting relationships, as well as achieve greater visibility in the market, positioning the entity as a benchmark in its sector or technological field.

At FI Group we have not only specialized teams in the different international, national and regional financing programs, but also specialist profiles in the different phases and activities of the process: innovation facilitators, engineers, economists, auditors, project managers, documentary makers, administrative staff, specialists in communication, marketing and intellectual property, etc.

This allows us to offer our clients, both public and private, a personalized and comprehensive service: conceptualization of the idea through different techniques of creativity and innovation, analysis of the market and the state of the art, collaborations and alliances, coordination of the proposal, interaction with organizations, technical – economic management of the project, participation in work packages, justification, audit, etc.

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Innovation Financing Services


We offer comprehensive services to achieve the best financing strategy for your projects

Our specialists analyze the financing potential of our clients’ projects and the external opportunities in which they can participate. Before starting the coordination of the proposal, the state of the art is analyzed; the market; the technical-economic requirements, the financing conditions, the eligibility of the programs; the consortium profiles; etc. Once all the information is collected and the best opportunities for our clients are identified, a planning of the different stages of preparation of the proposal is prepared.

At FI Group we advise and support our clients in all sections of the proposals, with the support of our own tools and templates that facilitate the work of both our clients and our own.

Our competence covers both technical and strategic as well as economic – administrative sections, as well as all other documentation that must be provided (declarations, agreements, etc.).

Likewise, we take care of the coordination of the proposal (communications, planning, minutes, meetings, etc.), in those collaborative projects, and of the management of the platform of the convening body.

Finally, we also take care of monitoring the status of the file, providing the documentation required by the agency, and preparing other documents or agreements derived from the resolution granting the program.

Through the strategic financing plan and, attending to the needs of our clients and the opportunities identified in the programs, trainings, workshops or, through our network of contacts, FI Group prepares a financing plan.

This plan details the financing strategy of the entity. In addition, it can include the different financing opportunities for the entity’s areas and activities, as well as a positioning strategy.

This advice must be dynamic. For this reason, the updating of the plan and internal and external surveillance must also be carried out continuously. The objective that we always pursue is to optimize the results of our clients.

At FI Group we have monitoring and control tools that allow us to monitor the progress of the financing plan and the execution of projects in real time.

A winning proposal requires not only technical excellence, but also a strong consortium. Our presence in 12 countries, with an extensive portfolio of clients, enables us to create specialized consortia adapted to the requirements of each financing program.


At FI Group we take care of defining the consortium’s needs (profiles, packages, budget) as well as its search (summary, contact networks, clients, etc.).


Likewise, with the aim of increasing the results of our clients, we actively search for opportunities to participate in other projects (internal or external).

At FI Group we carry out project management (individual or collaborative; international or national) by monitoring the execution of the works in order to ensure compliance with the different milestones and deliverables of the project, or on the contrary, detect deviations that They will activate the risk plan (modification of the scope of the project: technical, economic, duration, consortium, etc.).

To achieve the success of the project, it is important to plan and explain to the participants, before the start of its execution. The critical and relevant aspects of the same (deliverable dates, quality of the deliverables, documentation, milestones, indicators, governance, control of efforts and budgets, format and periodicity of follow-ups, etc.). As well as the tools that will be useful in this phase of financing (communication, templates, processes, platforms, minutes, etc.).

Considering the specific needs of the project and the client, the scope of the tasks to be carried out will be agreed upon in accordance with the activities described above. Always advising and guiding the different participants and interlocutors in the tasks and activities that are their own.

In parallel to the project management phase, at FI Group we work on the final or partial reports or justifications with the project justification. These are delivered to the funding body, as established in the program’s regulatory regulations.

Our teams prepare the technical and economic – administrative documentation that must be provided. Likewise, as in the application phase, we take care of providing the information to the body through the channel enabled by it in a timely manner.

It is part of this phase, advice and support during the audits of the project. If necessary, FI Group can carry out pre-audits to identify deficiencies in the justification prior to the audit of the organization.

At FI Group we also take care of the dissemination and exploitation of project results. These activities can be viewed in two ways. If they are in certain programs, they are a mandatory part of the projects to be executed. And, without being it in other programs, they constitute essential elements to guarantee the profitability of the project through the commercialization of its results.

Regarding dissemination tasks, we can lead the development of the dissemination and communication plan, as well as its execution. Our specialists can carry out the tasks related to the organization of events, logos and visual identity of the project, press, web, videos, social networks, etc.

Regarding the exploitation tasks, our teams prepare the exploitation plan considering aspects such as intellectual property, potential geographic coverage or the size of the market. In addition, the state of the art with respect to competitors, the pricing strategy of the product or service likely to be exploited. All this, in accordance with the fields of application and protection, cost structure, regulations and standardizations, risks, etc.

In order to improve and promote the positioning of the entity, at FI Group we prepare a strategic positioning plan and accompany our clients during its execution.

Therefore, to obtain a good result, several objectives and scopes will be determined. Among them are events, participation networks, associations, organizations and institutions (regional, national and international). Through this analysis and, depending on the interest of each profile, a planning of activities associated with the positioning plan is prepared.

The importance of a good positioning has different perspectives. It is a good action to publicize the entity based on the strategy, interests, activity. Likewise, new links (technological or commercial) must be established. Also, it allows you to participate in the technological transformation of the sector / technology (leading or accompanying). In this way, you will be part of the actors that determine the technological needs, and participate in their development, achieving a competitive advantage in their subsequent commercialization.

To carry out a project it is necessary to analyze the technical, but also economic, feasibility of the project. Market studies or business plans facilitate decision-making and are also an essential tool, both internally and externally, for the search for financing, whether public (through grants programs) or private (venture capital, investors, bank financing, etc.).

From an entrepreneur to a large company, these tools provide the information necessary to define the roadmap, as well as the needs of the project.

Description of the product or service, the market, its size, trends, competitors, state of the art, sales and cost strategy, financing, risk analysis, market share, entry strategy, Marketing strategy, organization, among others, are elements that must be taken into account (all or some of them) in making decisions about the viability of undertaking a project.

According to our experience and relationship with our clients, we can assure that it is one of the activities with the highest added value.

At FI Group we carry out trainings and workshops related to the field of innovation. These have different formats and contents adapted to the theme and need of each situation.

The trainings or conferences can focus on general or specific regulatory aspects of the programs, in the different phases of the project financing process, or be expressly created in response to the specific needs of our clients.

In the same way, the workshops we organize are adapted to the client’s requirements, or they focus on promoting collaboration and creativity of the different participating entities in order to find points of cooperation (objectives, problems, challenges, etc.).