Dissemination and exploitation

At FI Group we also take care of the dissemination and exploitation of project results. These activities can be viewed in two ways. If they are in certain programs, they are a mandatory part of the projects to be executed. And, without being it in other programs, they constitute essential elements to guarantee the profitability of the project through the commercialization of its results.

Regarding dissemination tasks, we can lead the development of the dissemination and communication plan, as well as its execution. Our specialists can carry out the tasks related to the organization of events, logos and visual identity of the project, press, web, videos, social networks, etc.

Regarding the exploitation tasks, our teams prepare the exploitation plan considering aspects such as intellectual property, potential geographic coverage or the size of the market. In addition, the state of the art with respect to competitors, the pricing strategy of the product or service likely to be exploited. All this, in accordance with the fields of application and protection, cost structure, regulations and standardizations, risks, etc.

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