Preparation of proposals

Our specialists analyze the financing potential of our clients’ projects and the external opportunities in which they can participate. Before starting the coordination of the proposal, the state of the art is analyzed; the market; the technical-economic requirements, the financing conditions, the eligibility of the programs; the consortium profiles; etc. Once all the information is collected and the best opportunities for our clients are identified, a planning of the different stages of preparation of the proposal is prepared.

At FI Group we advise and support our clients in all sections of the proposals, with the support of our own tools and templates that facilitate the work of both our clients and our own.

Our competence covers both technical and strategic as well as economic – administrative sections, as well as all other documentation that must be provided (declarations, agreements, etc.).

Likewise, we take care of the coordination of the proposal (communications, planning, minutes, meetings, etc.), in those collaborative projects, and of the management of the platform of the convening body.

Finally, we also take care of monitoring the status of the file, providing the documentation required by the agency, and preparing other documents or agreements derived from the resolution granting the program.

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