Projects management R&D

At FI Group we carry out project management (individual or collaborative; international or national) by monitoring the execution of the works in order to ensure compliance with the different milestones and deliverables of the project, or on the contrary, detect deviations that They will activate the risk plan (modification of the scope of the project: technical, economic, duration, consortium, etc.).

To achieve the success of the project, it is important to plan and explain to the participants, before the start of its execution. The critical and relevant aspects of the same (deliverable dates, quality of the deliverables, documentation, milestones, indicators, governance, control of efforts and budgets, format and periodicity of follow-ups, etc.). As well as the tools that will be useful in this phase of financing (communication, templates, processes, platforms, minutes, etc.).

Considering the specific needs of the project and the client, the scope of the tasks to be carried out will be agreed upon in accordance with the activities described above. Always advising and guiding the different participants and interlocutors in the tasks and activities that are their own.

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