Innovation Funding

We are consultants with more than 20 years of experience in innovation taxation, specialized in the management and optimization of Tax Deductions for R&D, Social Security Bonuses for research staff, Patent Box, Tax Lease and Defense of incentives.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive service with a double technical and fiscal approach, guaranteeing that the incentives are adjusted to what is required by the regulatory regulations.

Our added value:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Administration, which allows a correct and efficient approach to the different procedures.
  • Expert customer support in the internal organization of their R&D projects.
  • We generate a detailed report of the situation.
  • Our offices and delegations cover the entire Spanish territory
  • Certifications ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 27001 Information Security and UNE 166002 R&D & I Management

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Innovation Taxation Services:

We offer comprehensive services with a dual technical and fiscal focus, guaranteeing the highest return on your investment.

The objective of Tax Deductions for R&D is to reward the efforts made by companies in the development of innovative activities.

They can be applied by any taxpayer (except foundations) of the Corporation Tax that carries out innovative activities. Regardless of its size, turnover, and sector of activity, Tax Deductions allow reducing the full amount of Corporation Tax by up to 100%. This has an impact on increasing your competitiveness. In addition, it encourages the continuous improvement of its products and processes.

The bonuses for research staff are an incentive that encourages the exclusive dedication of research staff to research and development activities and technological innovation through the 40% discount on business contributions of Social Security contributions for common contingencies

The Patent box or IP-Box incentive allows companies to reduce the taxable income from the transfer or transfer of the right to use or exploit certain intangible assets by up to 60%. This is the case of patents and utility models. Also, fulfilling additional requirements, legally protected designs and software used in an economic activity that both SMEs and large companies exploit.

From FI Group we manage investment tools through the so-called “Tax lease” or “tax equity”, focused on R&D projects. In these private investment models, the participation of investors in R&D activities is carried out through a financial participation in an Economic Interest Group (EIG).