Tax lease

From FI Group we manage investment tools through the so-called “Tax lease” or “tax equity”, focused on R&D projects. In these private investment models, the participation of investors in R&D activities is carried out through a financial participation in an Economic Interest Group (EIG).

The investors constitute the IEA, in which the developer company provides the necessary knowledge to carry out the R&D project, as well as part of the necessary financing.


From FI Group we take care of providing the comprehensive support necessary for each client in the management of Tax Lease.

  • Selection of companies that develop R&D projects, socially recognized and valued, with guarantees of financing capacity.
  • Contribution of the additional financing plan to guarantee the achievement of the necessary funds.
  • Selection of tax investors.
  • Management of all the necessary administrative and legal procedures, with expert professionals in the field.
  • Ad-hoc tax study carried out by experts.
  • As market leaders in tax incentives for R&D, we reduce the risk associated with the process of qualifying the project as R&D.
  • Support and accompaniment in possible verifications by the competent tax authority.
  • Profitability guarantee for both the developer and the tax investor.

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