Innovation services

Innovation management allows companies to increase the value generated through the application of new methodologies and innovative processes that challenge the established status quo, allowing them to lead the transformation of a market.

By generating this environment, innovative companies can take advantage of all their knowledge and apply it to:

  • Provide a value that generates greater profits and benefits.
  • Implement new competitive advantages.
  • Build loyalty to your customers.
  • Boost talent and employee satisfaction.

Thanks to our know-how in the field of Innovation, we create and optimize innovation ecosystems so that organizations can access the technologies, talent and resources necessary to continue evolving.

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Services for your Innovation:

We assess the degree of maturity of the corporate innovation culture, to diagnose the innovative potential of your organization.

We implement an innovation project management office that allows innovative organizations to have various project management methodologies, executed by profiles experienced in the different phases of the innovation cycle.

We identify and create open innovation ecosystems so that innovative companies can benefit from the knowledge and talent existing in the current business and university fabric.

We implement an agile and efficient corporate innovation management system based on the UNE 166.002:2014 standard through a consultancy program aimed at innovative companies that want to take a step forward in the management of their innovation.

We dynamise transformational experiences for the acquisition of new knowledge and skills through the application of innovative methodologies and tools: Customer Journey Map, Design Thinking, ExO Canvas…