Public Sector

To make the relationship with the Public Sector easier, we accompany the different Organizations and Administrations, Entities, Universities and Public Companies (local, regional and national) that make it up, in the design, implementation and dynamization of public policies. In addition to formulating strategies related to promoting innovation and obtaining public funding.

Support for the management and evaluation of public innovation is the focus on which we focus to offer solutions and levers of change which allow Public Administrations to offer new services, be more operational, efficient and modern with citizens. For this, we have our own methodologies and tools that allow us to achieve the objectives set in the different projects in which we collaborate.

Thus, our multidisciplinary team, which has extensive experience in the search and development of new solutions related to public innovation, will offer you approaches with which to face the new economic and social paradigms that the Public Administration has to face and all the entities that comprise it.


Services for public administrations

Support in the assessment, management, and evaluation of projects verification of public aid and subsidies, generally within the European framework (INTERREG, SUDOE, COSME, UIA) to which public administrations may apply as beneficiaries.

The work carried out in this service is as follows:

  • Definition of the proposal to be submitted
  • Preparation of the complete proposal (administrative, technical, legal, and financial documentation).
  • Submission of the dossier to the organization responsible for the call for proposals
  • Technical and administrative coordination of the process
  • Management of the management
    Technical-economic justification of the proposal

Support in advising, managing and defining innovative processes both external and internal to the Public Sector.

Work carried out in this service:

  • Analysis of the innovative processes and projects of Public Bodies and Entities.
  • Assessment of the level of innovative maturity of Public Bodies and Entities and all their Departments.
  • Monitoring of innovation projects.
    Internal – External Innovation Diagnostics
  • Innovation Workshops and Workshops (Analysis of Needs, Definition of Challenges, and Definition of Solutions.
  • Dynamisation of Management Boards and Committees.

Definition of programs and instruments aimed at boosting innovation and competitiveness.

Actions carried out in this service

  • Definition, management, and evaluation of territorial innovation, specialization, and competitiveness strategies.
  • The definition and design of policies, the development of tax regulations on innovation, the drafting of regulatory bases, and R&D&I programs to support companies at national, European, and international levels.
  • Evaluation of the socio-economic impact of R&D&I policies.

Design and organization of conferences, events, and other dissemination actions, both face-to-face and digital, on R&D&I and innovation funding policies and incentives.

We promote innovation in collaboration with local, regional, and national public bodies, as well as with professional associations representing the business world.

We prepare and prepare Sectorial Studies in the field of innovation, SWOT analysis, aid framework program, and Regulatory and Legislative analysis.

Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) is the key tool to promote innovation from the public sector, specifically through the acquisition of innovative solutions or solutions in the development phase.

FI GROUP, through its experience and knowledge of the Public Sector and above all the Private Sector, participates in the analysis and formulation of innovative public procurement processes with a dual purpose:

On the Demand Side (From the Public Sector):

  • To help the administration in the identification of needs that can generate technological demand and to elevate the entire regulatory and administrative process.

On the Supply Side (From the Private Sector):

  • To help companies and research organisations with ideas and solutions to approach public bodies that can apply innovative solutions in the market.
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