Real Estate Taxation

Since the integration of Grupo 63 into FI Group, we have an extensive department 100% dedicated to optimizing local and real estate taxation for our clients, with more than 10 years of experience in both Spain and Portugal.

We are experts in the optimization of local taxes and other taxes related to the cadastral value, specialized in the management of the Real Estate Tax (IBI) and the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE).t

In addition, we provide a 360º comprehensive management service with a triple focus, technical, legal and fiscal. In this way, we guarantee that the taxes accrued are truly adjusted to your specific reality. This functionality allows us to cover many aspects of the process such as the technical identification of errors due to over-cost, the achievement of savings and the preparation of resources and strategy to follow.

From FI Group we take care of assisting our clients by conducting technical analysis and subsequent legal justification before the Administration, also managing the filing of the necessary resources before Tax Ordinances and Securities Reports, as well as defense in cases of inspections and tax penalties.

Through extensive knowledge of local taxes and our continuous updating of legislative changes, we try to achieve maximum efficiency. All this, using a proven methodology and with qualified personnel.

The presence in Spain and Portugal allows us to work close to the properties of our clients and the territorial administrations, to facilitate the procedures of all active procedures.

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Real Estate Tax Services

We offer comprehensive services with a dual technical and fiscal approach, ensuring that taxes are truly adjusted to your reality.

Real Estate Tax. As experts in cadastral valuation, we will carry out an analysis and correct valuation of the property, proposing the different possibilities for claims and management.

Tax on Economic Activities. Correct determination of the client’s IAE, adapting it to their real activities.

Municipal Capital Gains Tax. The optimisation of the cadastral value of the land will allow short and medium-term savings in the Real Estate Tax and immediate or future savings in the event of the sale of the land.

Verification of Values. The optimisation of the cadastral value, through our audit, will reduce the risk of penalties in case of contrast by the Administration between the cadastral value of your property and the real transfer value, as well as providing a greater margin and security when moving your real estate assets.

Fords, Waste, Occupation. The optimisation of the cadastral value will enable recurrent and direct savings to be made in the Domestic Rubbish and Solid Urban Waste Collection Tax.

Tax on Construction, Installations and Works. We check the parameters that influence the ICIO for its correct determination and recourse to inspection procedures.

Inheritance and Gift Tax (ISD) is a state tax, although it is currently devolved to the Autonomous Communities. This tax is levied on the transfer of assets and rights between individuals free of charge, whether as a result of death or a donation during their lifetime.

In addition to the services related to local and real estate taxes, we provide added value to our clients by solving their specific needs through our personalised consultancy services.

our support

Our support

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Administration, which allows a correct and efficient approach to the different procedures.
  • Minimum dedication on the part of the client.
  • We generate a detailed report of the tax situation of each property analyzed, indicating all the errors detected and their influence on the IBI fee.
  • Our presence throughout Spain through our offices and delegations allows us to cover the entire national territory and be very close to the Land Registry Offices.
  • We carry out all kinds of procedures on notifications from the Administration in relation to any property owned by the client.

Variable remuneration based on the profit obtained.