MásPyme is a FI Group digital platform designed for Spanish SMEs, with the aim of making tax deductions for R&D self-managed.

If you have carried out R&D or Technological Innovation projects, do not hesitate to apply the deductions for R&D as you can save on company tax between 12% and 42%.

The service with which we manage MásPyme is based on 4 simple steps:

  • Perform a free diagnosis
  • Incorporate technical data
  • Incorporate economic data
  • Obtain the figure to be consigned in the IS


What projects are deductible?

Design and development, Implementation of integral solutions, eCommerce platforms, Big Data Solutions, Implementation of KPI’s, etc.

Research and characterization of new materials, Energy efficiency in new buildings, Development of new calculation and design programs, etc.

Real simulation of virtual reality processes and equipment, Development and manufacture of first prototypes, Test/Analysis of new parts, etc.

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