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Monetization of the tax deduction and increase of the quota limit

Currently, and after the entry into force of Law 27/2014 to Support Entrepreneurs and their Internationalization, the attractiveness of Tax Deductions for R&D has increased, allowing companies to monetize their Deductions, or apply them no quota limit.

On the other hand, for companies that do have the obligation to pay Corporation Tax, the possibility of applying their Tax Deduction without a quota limit is enabled and, in addition, requesting the payment or monetization of the surplus.

What are the application requirements for deductions for R&D?

  • The amount of the Deduction applied without limit/paid for all R&D activities may not exceed 5 million euros per year.
  • In the case of Technological Innovation activities, the amount of the Deduction applied without limit / paid may not exceed the amount of 1 million euros per year.
  • The Deduction object of application without limit/credit, may not be applied for at least one year, once the tax period where it was generated has ended.
  • An amount equivalent to the Deduction applied without limit/paid to expenses or investments in R&D must be allocated within a period of 24 months from the end of the tax period of application for payment or application without limit
  • The general average workforce or the average assigned to R&D cannot be reduced within a period of 36 months from the end of the tax period for generating the deduction.
  • The entity must obtain a Reasoned Report or a Prior Assessment Agreement on the qualification of the activity as Research, Development, or Technological Innovation.

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